RGN59 is the (abbreviated) signature of Reign59

alias or nickname of the Dutch artist and graphic designer Nick Vermeulen. 


Since his childhood he has been drawing, painting and designing.
From 1992 up to now he worked as self employed graphic designer and copywriter in his design studio Axicom Design. In recent years he found a new passion in sculpting. Nick mainly works with hard materials like marble, limestone and bronze, and also likes to step out to alabaster, soapstone and ceramics.


Over the period of 2017-2021 he focused almost entirely on one very large sculpture called ‘l'Amante Triste in Attesa' - which means (something like) ‘ The Yearning Mistress’ - a life-size statue in arrabbiato white marble from Monte Altissimo inTuscany.

For variety (and to be able to do something in bad weather) he also works regularly on smaller figures in marble and bronze - often using materials from nature such as branches, feathers and leaves.


Nick is inspired mainly by just observing the people and nature around him. What he likes or what appeals to him, he processes into nice clean lines, shapes and curves. In most sculptures you will find feminine lines, shapes and curves.


He also likes to work with mixed media on canvas and paper, using his skills as designer in photoshop and illustrator to combine his printing facilities with his love for painting.